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New OpenEars version .91 is out now

23 May


I just uploaded the new version of OpenEars, featuring the following new stuff among other things:

• All audio functions (Flite speech and Pocketsphinx recognition) handled in-memory
• Low-latency Audio Unit audio driver for Pocketsphinx
• Switching between all the Flite voices on the fly
• Dynamically creating ARPA language models in-app
• Switching between different ARPA language models on the fly
• Experimental Bluetooth support
• Improved Pocketsphinx accuracy
• Re-documented for Xcode 4.


Since this is such a big refactor under the hood, and there are a couple of APIs that have changed, I am still going to support the previous version 0.9.02 until 0.91 is known to be as stable as that version, so you can still download that older version too (previous docs are included in the download). Please check out OpenEars 0.91 and put it to the test! As always, bring any issues over to the forums and I will assist.