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New OpenEars version .912 out now

17 July

I’m happy to announce the release of OpenEars .912, a bugfix release fixing the following issues:

• OpenEarsEventsObserver was never receiving a delegate message when a language model was being changed (thanks to Aleksey for finding this bug)
• LanguageModelGenerator was not finding alternate pronunciations of a word (thanks to Sarinsukumar for finding this bug)
• AudioSessionManager will now correctly reset audio session settings that a media player object (such as an AVPlayer or MPMusicPlayerController among others) overrides if startAudioSession is run a second time afterwards. If a PocketsphinxController object is already instantiated and its loop has been started at the time that a media player object has overridden its audio session settings, after AudioSessionManager startAudioSession is run the second time, you _may_ also need to restart the listening loop if the media player’s audio session override gave PocketsphinxController an interruption signal that caused it to make a controlled exit from the listening loop.


I strongly recommend upgrading to this version immediately if you use dynamic language model generation since it will improve recognition across different accents. Enjoy and let me know how it works for you, in the forums as usual.