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OpenEars 1.01 is out

10 April

I’ve released OpenEars 1.01 today, a bugfix update for the following three issues:

• Leaks in the dynamic language model generation process could crash the device,
• When using a very small model, the discounting method used by the language model generation process could occasionally result in certain words having a probability that is so low that it was equivalent to not having them in the model at all,
• There were 237 warnings during a device build due to unstripped local debug symbols in the framework, which had no effect on functionality but occluded useful warnings.

These should all be fixed, and these are the only current bugs I am aware of.

This upgrade is recommended for all users. To upgrade, I recommend removing the previous framework version from your app, moving the previous framework download folder away or to the trash, and then do a fresh install of the new framework as described here: https://www.politepix.com/openears under the heading “To use OpenEars:”.


Then you should select Product->Clean and, holding down the option key while selecting the Product menu again, select Product->Clean Build Folder and then rebuild your app with the new framework.

Please let me know in the forums whether this new version is fixing the issues that you’ve been experiencing, and of course whether you are experiencing any other issues. For those who have been hit by the two issues with LanguageModelGenerator, thanks for your patience while I added the memory management and fixed the issue with the discounting method.