AllEars voice email recording app for iPhone

AllEars IconAllEars voice email recording app: record your voice and email the recording, handsfree

AllEars is a voice email recording and voice recognition app that selects from 99 contacts using speech alone and sends a cross-platform ‘voice email’ to the contact of your choice with a single tap, and it’s a voice dialer that works well with iPhones which don’t support Voice Control. AllEars speaks to you to confirm, so it’s handy on a walk, at the gym, on a bumpy train, or anywhere you’d rather not stop and use a touch interface. AllEars is only $0.99 and now has 100% functionality enabled from the start.

AllEars Listening View Screenshot

  • Recognizes countless names out of the box; if it doesn’t, just choose a shortcut (like “Mom” or “Office”) that AllEars can recognize better.
  • Getting started is as easy as flipping a switch, tapping “Done”, and saying “Email Jane Doe” or “Call Jane Doe”.
  • Needs no interaction with the screen other than a single tap to start a call/send an email. Talks to you to confirm choices.
  • Designed by Politepix for frugal resource use, from minimal & dark-toned visuals to the audio/graphics APIs under the hood.
  • Simple and clear graphics designed for easy recognition from a distance.
  • Recognizes English only, but not limited to English names (could result in slower dictionary generation). Accuracy will be highest with US English.
  • Only $0.99.

How it works:

1. Switch on listening for up to 99 contacts, optionally assigning shortcuts such as “Contact 1”, “Partner”, or “Grandma”,
2. Tap “Done”, wait for the dictionary to be generated, and then say “Email Jane Doe” or “Email Partner” (alternately, you could initiate a call by saying “Call Jane Doe” or “Call Partner”),
3. Record a message that will be sent as a compressed and cross-platform compatible .wav file to your contact (one button tap is required to send email or initiate a call). That’s it!