AllHours Time Zone Meeting Planner App

Icon for AllHours Time Zone Meeeting Planner AppAllHours® time zone meeting planner app: find the right time, every time, wherever they are.

“At our 4pm call next week, what time will it be for the team in Hong Kong?”

AllHours® is an iPhone time zone meeting planner app that helps you plan the perfect time for your next conference call or virtual meeting with participants in other time zones, easily and with style. Get the right times out by email, into iCal, or up on Google Calendar and get things done:

AllHours Time Zone View Screenshot

  • Display three time zones simultaneously: effortlessly interact with times directly so you can find the right time by touch,
  • Choose between two UIs, one an elegant sun and moon dial, the other a modern all-business UI that shows you what is going on at the time of day you’re considering,
  • Create new time zone places,
  • Bookmark places you use most,
  • Search for cities easily,
  • Create an email with the meeting time for each place in just 2 taps,
  • View your Google Calendar and add your new event to it, sending out email invites if you wish.
  • AllHours is only $0.99, click or tap to purchase.

How it works:

1. Configure the timewheels with the places that the people are in whose time you need to coordinate, including yourself,
2. Enter times into any of the three timewheels and watch them all adjust in real time to show you their respective local times so you can make sure you aren’t scheduling a call at 3am or in the middle of dinner,
3. There is no step 3. But if you want, once you’ve found the perfect time you can send out a pre-formatted email to the participants letting them know about the meeting, or you can upload it to your Google Calendar.

Watch the complete usage movie:




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AllHours Press Kit

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