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Halle Winkler

Yup, you can’t override the audio session if you use PocketsphinxController. You can try setting the property audioSessionMixing to TRUE in order to use media objects that attempt to use other session settings for better coexistence, but ultimately PocketsphinxController must be allowed to use its own audio session settings when it’s in progress or it won’t be able to render the mic stream.

Check out whether the audio session issue is the cause of the issue you’re seeing, and if not we can troubleshoot it further. I don’t think there is any reason that performing a correct shutdown and restart of the listening loop should cause any issues in debug or release mode if you prefer to do that so that the loop is off when the phone is locked, as long as you’re sure that it isn’t getting started multiple times. The loop uses very little CPU when no speech is in progress (like 2% on newer devices), but if it is still running when the phone is locked through a night of sleep that’s probably not ideal for the battery.