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Halle Winkler

OK, I would strongly recommend having it as a property of one view controller and managing it as shown in the sample app and tutorial. It isn’t advised to put it in a singleton and can create difficult troubleshooting. With MVC it isn’t necessary to use a singleton for this kind of controller — just make the view controller responsible for PocketsphinxController that is the parent of the other view controllers in which you want to receive OpenEarsEventsObserver callbacks (which can be instantiated anywhere). It will stay instantiated in one place but provide results to as many places as you need, and you can control it either with delegate calls or notifications to the parent view controller in which the one PocketsphinxController is instantiated.

By the way, do you have something like an feature like one Siri had, where it detects the intensity of sounds listened and it looks like a wavy thing while you talk in iOS 7?

OpenEars doesn’t provide any visual interface elements, but it gives you hooks for reading the decibel levels of both incoming and outgoing speech so you can create UI elements like you described. Take a look at the docs to learn more.