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Halle Winkler

Hi Dave,

Thank you. Basically, I make a best-effort attempt to answer right as questions come in (if it’s feasible and wouldn’t be rude to someone I was with) so I never have a backlog, which lets me keep the support side pretty well under control. So I’d rather take :10 to answer a question in a laid-back way on a Saturday than start a Monday with a backlog that becomes its own time-management task. I usually find that if I can’t handle that approach because a lot more questions than usual are coming in, that indicates that something important is missing from the docs or tutorial.

I think I can help you with your question since I do a lot of text munging and matching in OpenEars. Your approach sounds fine to me so I suspect an issue in your plist/dictionary code, can you show some?

BTW, are you acquainted with the [NSString componentsSeparatedByString] method that returns an NSArray? I use it a lot to work with multiple substrings in combination with fast enumeration. rangeOfString is also fine and I frequently use it, but for what you’re doing you might like to have all the hypotheses dumped right into an ordered array for processing.

Enjoy your BEER function!