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Halle Winkler

Hmm, I’m not sure how that could happen unless you are using a different memory management approach than the recommended. This is the only code in the 1.64 version of FliteController which calls AudioSessionManager:

    if(audioSessionHasBeenInstantiated == FALSE) {
        if(self.noAudioSessionOverrides == FALSE) {
            audioSessionHasBeenInstantiated = TRUE;
            AudioSessionManager *audioSessionManager = [AudioSessionManager sharedAudioSessionManager]; // We want to do this before the first AVAudioPlayer instantiation but only once and only if the developer hasn't set noAudioSessionOverrides TRUE
            [audioSessionManager startAudioSession];

It does something with AudioSessionManager if there has never been an instantiated audio session and if overrides have been allowed. If there is a call to the audio session, it is either because PocketsphinxController is being used or because this check is failing:

if(self.noAudioSessionOverrides == FALSE) {

The 1.65 version will not even do this much, but if your FliteController has an issue with a BOOL property you are setting not being seen after the first call to the FliteController, that is something to investigate regardless.