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Halle Winkler

My last reply was referring to your reply before your last one.

A thought/question: Say a user listens to music. Opeanears is calibrated and working properly. And then he pauses music intentionally in order to give a voice command. As you realise there will be an immediate transition to background silence and then the voice will be heard on normal level. How would openears react to that scenario?

OpenEars isn’t designed to listen for speech with the internal mic while the same device is being used to play sound out the built-in speaker in an open environment, which is just a worst-case recognition scenario unfortunately. The design is that you suspend listening while playing music or other sound from the device if you are using the speaker and internal mic together. So in this scenario, you would want to use it according to its design and have it not listening while the music is on, and to resume listening when the user pauses the music to speak.