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Halle Winkler

Hello Thomas and Steve,

Thanks very much for the clean and clear test case – it was very easy to integrate into my testbed and to replicate your issue. There are a couple of things going on. One is that I have learned that my fix for the VAD issue in 1.65 is a bit insensitive to word searches that for one reason or another are requesting a lot of resources like the one in this case, so I have made a new OpenEars beta version that it would be great if you could test at this link:

This will not fix the underlying problem but it will reduce the number of VAD recalibrations that will occur in your particular circumstance and it also fixes an issue that was leading to blank entries ending up in your language models, which could be a contributing factor in the weirdness. I appreciate that the quality of the test case made this easy to see and fix.

The big underlying issue here is that something appears to be wrong with the DMP file that is being used that results in a _really_ strenuous word search, in fact one which doesn’t exit, as you have seen. In your test case you generate a Rejecto language model but when you start listening you actually load a DMP that was already created in a previous session, out of mainBundle. When I use the Rejecto-generated model instead of the pre-created one, I do not encounter the issue. So to learn more about this, I’d ask you to take the following steps:

1. Upgrade to the beta at the link above, and then confirm that my observation is also the case for you, namely that when you use the generated Rejecto language model from your testcase rather than loading the old pre-generated one, the issue does not appear. If this is not the case and you see the same hang with the generated DMP and with the pre-generated one that your testcase currently loads, let me know here, but take steps to make sure you’re linking to the new version, the build is clean, the two plugins are definitely 1.65, etc, so we can be very confident that we saw different results. Assuming that you have the same observation as me:

2. Regenerate the problem DMP that your sample case defaults to running, the one that is currently in mainBundle and loaded with startListening:. Observe whether the issue still occurs with the newly-generated DMP or whether the improvement to the language model generator in the beta results in a DMP that doesn’t have the symptom. If the generated DMP still results in the symptom, next please test whether this issue is a result of loading in from a text file or whether it also happens if you create an NSArray in your app instead. Also please check whether the weight setting you use has an effect on the behavior. It is also worth it to take a look at the original text file and just see if there is anything notable or peculiar about it. Let me know your results.

If nothing you try in these steps results in a positive change or useful information, please send over the original text corpus file that the symptomatic DMP is being generated from, or let me know which file in the test case you sent is the original corpus, and I’ll take a look at the language model which is being generated and see if there is anything wrong there. Email is fine for that.