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Halle Winkler

OK, and which weight settings have you tried specifically when you use a weight? I think the issue might be that with the entire assortment of phonemes and a high weight for them alone, there is too much perplexity in terms of what any given long sentence could be, which leads to long searches.

There might be a tipping point number where you get higher weight without the really long searches. I want to get a long-term fix for this but I am not going to be able to fix it immediately because it involves fair amount of research, but in the meantime, you can try bisecting to see if you can locate a suitable weight value that gives the results you want:

Default weight is 1.0 and the weight you are using is 1.5. So take 1.25, and if that is fast but not rejecting enough, go up by half (i.e. to 1.375) or down by half if the value is rejecting enough but too slow (i.e. to 1.125) until with some luck you’ve encountered a value that works well. If you have values which are too slow and also insufficiently rejecting, that suggests that the goal isn’t possible right now and we’ll have to figure this out as I can research the underlying causes, but please give it a try so we can find out if we can get your case working well while I look for a lasting fix. If you find a good value please let me know since it might be that my limit for the maximum weight is too high.