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Halle Winkler

No, the two reports I got were about 1.65 and they were about the symptom of taking 20+ seconds to return with high CPU use. I haven’t gotten reports of never returning with 0% CPU*. I believe that that isn’t technically possible if you’re in ngram_search_lattice() because that is a search (i.e. the one thing that takes a lot of CPU in OpenEars). If you were simultaneously seeing 0% CPU and stuck-ness in ngram_search_lattice() I would expect that something about that was a mismatch between what Xcode was telling you and what was actually happening.

* I have received one report of non-returning that turned out to be very delayed returning.

I would be very surprised if the change in the beta could have the effect of increasing a bug symptom. It only changes occasional inaccurate probabilities to be normal ones so it can’t really be implicated in a negative behavioral change to the best of my knowledge.

What I have seen about this bug, and the reason it is very challenging, is that it is very intermittent and very nondeterministic so what might seem like a new/different behavior might be a behavior that was there previously that hadn’t yet manifested in front of you, meaning that a new thing is not necessarily related to the beta.