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Halle Winkler

OK, so my understanding is that the beta represents an improvement for you because it means you aren’t permanently losing the reactivity of the UI, or at least you are not seeing any new manifestations of that behavior, but it is also (obviously) not optimal yet because of the remaining issue with the long searches, is that correct? So it is possible that the language model fix in the beta is at least addressing the issue with the 0% CPU stuck search, which sounds like a real thing based on your description of the cool device.

Thank you, it would be very helpful to have the test case for the long searches in the beta. BTW, I don’t know if you saw this but SaveThatWave 1.65 has a feature now to capture an entire recognition session from startListening: to stopListening and the demo will run for 3 minutes, so you could use the demo to do a direct capture of a session that gets weird if you can get it to happen in fewer than 3 minutes by using the new SaveThatWaveController method startSessionDebugRecord.

Then you can drop that WAV right into pathToTestFile in your sample app and I should (more or less – none of this is perfectly deterministic) be able to see what you saw.