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Halle Winkler

Yes, so far. I’ve been running for 3+ hours and OpenEars is still going strong. I couldn’t get this far before, so, yes, at least in my single test case the beta appears to have addressed what I saw earlier in 1.65 as noted at the top of this post.

OK, that’s good news – this is the first feedback I’ve gotten from reporters of this issue about the effect of the improvements in the beta, so we’ll keep fingers crossed that we’ll continue to only see the current symptom with the increasing background noise. A little more background: a delay due to suddenly-increasing background noise is expected behavior, because that means that the voice activity detection doesn’t have a way of distinguishing the speech/silence transition anymore, since the calibration values became irrelevant inside of a single utterance. Under these conditions, it should notice that this happened and sort itself out in about 14 seconds (this can be made a bit shorter but there are other tradeoffs to doing so, so if it is an uncommon occurrence this timeframe is probably about right).

So we’re only seeing the high CPU and inaccurate speech/silence threshhold as dysfunctional if it takes notably longer than 14 seconds to self-correct, or if this long CPU usage occurs in the absence of a swift increase in background noise. Sometimes completely normal searches can take 1-2 seconds and use 99% CPU, so just seeing a strenuous search isn’t a bug on its own.

What’s the best way to send you the sample project with the wav file?

Ideally, put it up somewhere I can download it and send me the link via the email we’ve talked over previously.