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Halle Winkler

Hi Alex,

fliteDidFinishSpeaking and all of the methods of OpenEarsEventsObserver are delegate methods, so take a look at the search results for “delegate methods in Objective-C” to learn about how they work (there are also examples of implementing OpenEars’ delegate methods specifically in the sample app, but the use of delegates is an important tool in Objective-C programming so it will be really helpful to your adjustment to the new language to check in to the underlying principle). In Objective-C, delegates are basically how callbacks work in an object-oriented way, as well as serving some other functions that allow good object-oriented principles to be followed in software design. The initial learning curve is a little tricky but they are one of the most useful tools for design in our language and are an important part of all of the asynchronous APIs from Apple, not just OpenEars.