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This is just my jSON, I pass a real array to the generator and hypothesis can output these 8 different words.

Something like this:

NSMutableArray *words = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];
        for (NSDictionary *dict in [self.currentSentenceDictionnary valueForKey:@"words"]){
            [words addObject:[[dict valueForKey:@"word"] uppercaseString]];

I have accent but sometimes it recognize very different things from what I say. For exemple if I say “left hand” it return often “it and”. My “left” pronunciation is not near of “it”. In opposition if I said “test it” it work everytimes. “Help me” never worked but already have a “half hand help” output.

I’ll explain what I want to do, maybe I don’t use the best algorithm to do what I want.

I made an app for learning english with music. In my controller an extract of a video music clip is played and you have to repeat what you have listen.
For this example the sentence you listen is “I wanna be your left hand man”
In the UIView I display “I wanna be your … … man” and the user must say “left hand” to success. But I can’t only put two words in the array, because then it’s too easy and “left hand” is always recognized. So I put some “close” sentences to see if the user really understand what he listens but even me who know the answer I can’t success everytime so it’s a bit problematic.