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At this point, I don’t even need PapaEngine and OpenEars to work at the same time. I just need my app to not crash when I activate OpenEars after PapaEngine. Unfortunately, PapaEngine is a singleton class, and there’s no real way to turn it off. I’m not sure how it holds onto the audio session, or how to temporarily disable it from the outside.

Everything appears to work up until this point:

[11748:60b] PreferredBufferSize is now on the correct setting of 0.128000.
:: Buffer::copyHeaderFrom(ch 2 2, fr 256 4096)
:: Error: An error occured in the CSL nextBuffer method: Can’t reallocate buffers at run-time

[11748:60b] preferredSampleRateCheck is incorrect, we will change it.

It is at this point that the app crashes. The crash occurs inside:

Is there anyway to prevent this crash? I am okay with the two APIs not working simultaneously, but I need to be able to alternate between the two.