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When I add this code:

[[AudioSessionManager sharedAudioSessionManager] setSoundMixing:true];
self.pocketsphinxController.audioSessionMixing = TRUE;

It only crashes about 50% of the time. When it doesn’t crash, I get a constant stream of this in the console:

:: Buffer::copyHeaderFrom(ch 2 2, fr 256 2048)
:: Error: An error occured in the CSL nextBuffer method: Can’t reallocate buffers at run-time

But otherwise both APIs seem to function. I get binaural sounds, and speech detection works. If I can manage to hack this together so that it doesn’t crash at all, that would be great. I have tried modifying constants such as those in AudioConstants.h but the OpenEars logging seems to suggest that my values are being ignored. I have a gut feeling that if I could match up the buffer sizes that I could make these two play nice.