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Halle Winkler

Hi Ralph,

Thanks for your new topic. Can you copy and paste the full error that is shown in Xcode? You shouldn’t ever add a path to Framework Search Path or for example change recursion settings there. There is an Xcode bug that can result in having to fix an existing Framework Search path, but the most that is ever needed is to look at the path that is already in there and remove any characters from it which could be causing it to be unusable by the project. The underlying cause is described in this tutorial step:

Inside your downloaded OpenEars distribution there is a folder called “Framework”. Drag that folder into your app project in Xcode. Make absolutely sure that in the add dialog “Create groups for any added folders” is selected and NOT “Create folder references for any added folders” because the wrong setting here will prevent your app from working. If you are using Xcode 5 with a build number of 5A1413 or later, it has a bug which results in frameworks linked by reference being changed to link at incorrect URL paths, so it is necessary for you to also check the box that says “Copy items into destination group’s folder (if needed)”, or you may receive errors that header files can’t be found. If you receive this kind of error with Xcode 5, it means that your Framework Search Path for the added frameworks has been changed to an invalid URL, so you may have to open that Build Setting for your app target and change it back to a correct path.

I would start fresh and follow the instructions in this path, and start out by not making any changes to any project build settings since it is normally not needed. If you still receive the error under that circumstance, look in Framework Search Path and show me what it says in there.