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Paul Cantrell

Thanks Halle,

I have a fairly quick deadline to get something working so that the team can decide whether to go with OpenEars or some other recognition system. I’m trying to construct a grammar that will allow accurate filling in of a medical form. The two problems I’m having is getting a grammar fast enough to work (base OpenEars is too slow by the time I have a dozen rules) and how to input numbers (It’s working okay in base OpenEars but I’m using the optional repetitions to allow entry of numbers (so, 231 would be “200 30 1” which I can recognize as a single number and combine. Not sure what to do about that with Rule-O-Rama not allowing optional repetitions. How do people acquire numbers typically? But of course, until I can get a grammar to load without crashing, those issues are moot. Thanks for any help you can give me… We think OpenEars would be great for our project if we can figure out a few of these issues.