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Paul Cantrell


Thanks for the reply. Of course, the frustrating part is that I had it all working using the base OpenEars grammar, but as I added rules it got slower geometrically. (with 3 or 4 rules it was recognizing in 1-2 seconds, by 12-15 rules it was taking 2 minutes or more).

The ability to repeat is only important as a way to gather numbers, I don’t use it elsewhere in the grammar. For instance, if the user says “Weight 152 pounds” I just encoded all the numbers, (1-10, 10,20,..100, 100,200,300) with an optional repeat and then post processed the “100 50 2” as 152. Pretty ugly, I know, but worked fairly well.

I’ll do some research into language model vs grammar, are you suggesting that I might want to plug in my own language model into Open Ears, or were you speaking more generically? Maybe you could suggest a google search or a seminal web site where I could look that up?

Right now my fallback strategy is to keep the number of rules small enough that base OpenEars would have the required speed, but that’s probably not a good long term strategy (4 or so rules at a time is pretty limiting). Or else maybe you will find the bug in Rule-O-Rama and I can make that work (but I don’t know how I’ll handle numbers in that case).

Sorry to take so much of your time…