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Halle Winkler

OK, so the crasher is due to an actual logical contradiction in the ruleset (although it is a bug that this results in a crash rather than a helpful message or a helpful best-effort attempt to fulfill the request).

The contradiction is that you have a rule “OneOfTheseWillBeSaidOnce” (so far so good) but all of the top-level rules contained in that are “ThisCanBeSaidOnce”, meaning that there is also a state in which none of the statements will be uttered and that is valid. That means that a nonexistent statement is one of the things in the set of utterances that will be said, and that makes RuleORama sad. It runs if I change one of the “CanBeSaid” rules to a “WillBeSaid” (I presume it will also run if I change them to expected strings rather than more rules).

Stock OpenEars deals with this gracefully but it is still possible that it is leading to undesired results that are less obvious. To troubleshoot the one that hangs, just turn on all the logging (OpenEarsLogging and verbosePocketsphinx) and it will probably give an actual error or warning about the cause of the hang.