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It works great after the first try, and there is no pause or hesitation and no intermittent noise during the first try. I’m working in a relatively quiet environment. How would I do a longer calibration and how would that help?

I don’t have any choice with the length of the phrase – we’re asking questions and as I said, it works fine AFTER the first attempt.

Here’s a sample question:

Which doctors have the highest net switching for my product over the last thirteen weeks?

First try after starting the app always fails while I’m still speaking, and after that it works fine.

In 1.65 it would give the following message:

2014-08-14 17:07:45.144 coach[23556:a107] There is reason to suspect the VAD of being out of sync with the current background noise levels in the environment so we will recalibrate.

In 1.71 it no longer gives that message and as I said, it gets more words in 1.71 but still misses the last half.