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Here’s what I think is happening:

When it receives a long phrase, the average gain (AGC) is adjusting so that it starts to detect silence during the phrase. When I set the timeout to 3.6 seconds, it gives the app enough time to finish the phrase before it times out.

From the debug log, I see that AGC is set to none with a threshold of 2.

I’m using an iPad (2nd Gen) with its internal mic.

Is there a way to change the averaging detection for silence so that it doesn’t change its value over 5 seconds of speech? (Hopefully I’m saying this correctly). Just in case, let me try another way. The level it uses to determine silence is appearing to change over a few seconds of speech so that eventually the speech looks like silence. I need a slower response so that speech still looks like speech after 5 seconds.

Does that make any sense?