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Halle Winkler

No need to make another recording –– the only thing that is of interest here is how the device mic input is interacting with the app. The goal isn’t to play it out through another device, but to convert it into a WAV and add it to the app and give the testing tool pathToTestFile its path. This will create an identical result to that of having the speech recorded by the app.

cont_ad_read failed, stopping.

Hmm, I’ve never heard of calibration failing on a device on an unaltered sample app regardless of input and I’m concerned about trying to replicate such unusual results. I think what we should do is for you to take your speech recording and convert it to a WAV by following the instructions in the docs regarding pathToTestFile, and then add it to your altered sample app to create a test case that replicates the issue without interaction, and send me the whole test case. The second round in which it works correctly isn’t important to replicate, we’re only interested in the first round where it isn’t finishing. Thanks!