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Halle Winkler

Correct, that is the presenting issue (but there is more under the surface since it’s a problematic area). That isn’t a part of the dependency code that I can troubleshoot right now due to the reasons I mentioned, but I encourage you to make any changes you like to your local version as long as you report issues to me based on a clean framework. A simpler quick-and-dirty way to deal with this at the moment would just to take a look at this method of PocketsphinxController:

- (void) longRecognition {
    self.continuousModel.longRecognition = TRUE;    

And put a delay (of your preference) before the switch to TRUE since that is the only place it can happen. You could also do a check to see if it’s the first utterance (the utterances return an utterance number) and not set it to TRUE for the first one.

There isn’t going to be a perfect fix to this at the moment because that code is under heavy revision in my local branch and I don’t want to heavily test or make changes to the old version simultaneously. These kinds of VAD-related issues are the reason that I’m switching the VAD (voice activity detection) code and putting a lot of effort in testing and refining the new version, so both speech app developers and I can spend less time looking at VAD stuff :) .

Thanks again for the excellent support.

You’re welcome! Glad to help.