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Hi Halle,

Thank you very much for offering a discount and sorry for the delay in response. Are you able to email me directly regarding the details? (I rather not publish my email) I plan to purchase as soon as I’m done testing the grammar, even if it can’t work with the grammar model for now. You are right that I don’t have a lot of complexity and was in fact trying to keep it as simple as possible. So for now, the basic ‘robotic commands’ that you had by default in the given example will suffice for, as bellow:

NSDictionary *grammarDictionary = @{
ThisWillBeSaidOnce : @[
@{ OneOfTheseCanBeSaidOnce : @[@”HELLO ROBOT”, @”GREETINGS ROBOT”]},
@{ThisWillBeSaidOnce : @[
@{ OneOfTheseCanBeSaidOnce : @[@”GO”, @”MOVE”, @”TURN”]},
@{ OneOfTheseWillBeSaidOnce : @[@”LEFT”, @”RIGHT”, @”FORWARD”, @”BACKWARD”, @”CENTER”, @”FACE ME”]}

So, having the system recognize a few simple words or at most two words phrases (which I’ll want to customize further and add a few more later), rather than complex sentences is preferred for my case. But is should not confuse for example: “THAT’S RIGHT” with “MOVE RIGHT”.

What do you think?