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Hello Halle,

Thanks for your reply!

I have decided to go back to the previous method of a ‘two phrase’ method. I basically found a cheap cheat to get passed the fact that the hypothesis that i wanted was delivered after i needed it. basically a bool switch that waits for the right hypothesis before it does something with it. Doing this i found that the hypothesis generated from the wav with the second vocabulary usually returns many words from the vocab as opposed to just the one i want. this means that it is useless to do this because it will give me a wrong word that will affect the program before i get the right one.

for example, when the phrase spoken is “locate white wine”

hypothesis 1 = “locate white wine”
“wine” keyword makes the program switch to the wine vocab and rerun voice rec on saved wav, which in turn generates hypothesis 2

hypothesis 2 = “pink white white”
I am looking for the word “white” but “pink” is operated on because it is the first word, and i am unable to refine this with various different Rejecto setups.

But i think i will be able to use the 2 phrase method of,

user – “locate wine”
switch to wine vocab
flite – “any particular type of wine”
user – “white”
flite – “follow me to the white wine”

not a huge drain on user experience really! I think it would be an interesting addition to the SDK though, the ability to run voice recognition on wavs that you have saved through SaveThatWave.

Thanks for the help!