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Ok, more results:

Interestingly enough, it looks like there’s some back room communication between Flite and Pocketsphinx when Flite is speaking as the suspend call isn’t coming from the ViewController.

Anyways, I took out all the calls to Flite to speak text and while pocketsphinx now never gets suspended, the result was, the mic stream never configures (always inf for decibel values) when using a bluetooth headset. Built-in mic works fine.

When I added back in the initial Flite speak text @”Welcome to OpenEars.” then the bluetooth connected mic configures but then fails as described above where the first recognized speech seems to work and then fails after with the decibel values going to inf.

So, it seems like it’s necessary to have some audio output to get the mic to configure. That’s quite strange. Not sure what to make of that result.