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Hey Halle,

Congrats on the release! Excited to check out the improvements, but first I’m having a couple of issues with the upgrade to 2.0. First, the sample app is giving me giving me a file not found error for the OE files.

/Users/johnrogers/Downloads/ears/OpenEarsSampleApp/OpenEarsSampleApp/ViewController.h:23:9: ‘OpenEars/OEEventsObserver.h’ file not found

It’s probably a header search path issue but I tried changing the search paths to the location of the OE headers to no avail.

The second issue is with word recognition. I successfully upgraded to OE 2.0 in our main app, but word recognition is taking much, much longer than it was before. Here is a log:

It seems as if OE is not detecting the end of a string of speech for tens of seconds, and then,
“2014-12-08 10:58:33.118 WordBug[11793:806674] An utterance appears to be stuck in listening mode. Exiting stuck utterance.
2014-12-08 10:58:33.119 WordBug[11793:806674] End of speech detected…”

OE then takes a very long time to complete word recognition on that snippet.

2014-12-08 11:00:51.870 WordBug[11793:806674] Pocketsphinx heard “AT US THE IS ADD SPELL BELOW WANT WANT TO IT HOME” with a score of (-191332) and an utterance ID of 0.
2014-12-08 11:00:51.871 WordBug[11793:806658] Flite sending interrupt speech request.
2014-12-08 11:00:51.872 WordBug[11793:806658] Local callback: The received hypothesis is AT US THE IS ADD SPELL BELOW WANT WANT TO IT HOME with a score of -191332 and an ID of 0

Is it possible that I need to tune for background noise?