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Halle Winkler


Congrats on the release! Excited to check out the improvements, but first I’m having a couple of issues with the upgrade to 2.0. First, the sample app is giving me giving me a file not found error for the OE files.

/Users/johnrogers/Downloads/ears/OpenEarsSampleApp/OpenEarsSampleApp/ViewController.h:23:9: ‘OpenEars/OEEventsObserver.h’ file not found

It’s probably a header search path issue but I tried changing the search paths to the location of the OE headers to no avail.

Thanks! The sample app definitely runs out of the box (verified by others and for me verified running in a vm with a brand-new user), so I think this is going to be a local issue of some kind. I would just quit Xcode, delete the OpenEars 2.0 download, delete the contents of DerivedData, re-download OpenEars 2.0 from and open up OpenEarsSampleApp.xcodeproj without making any changes to any part of the distribution, and run the sample app. There will never be a reason to do anything with header search paths or importing frameworks to run the sample app, it will just run after download as long as you don’t move it or the Frameworks folder after the download. Also keep in mind that if you recompiled the OpenEars.framework for any reason, you have to compile it with “Archive” rather than just building it, in order for it to be a universal binary that can run on both devices and simulators, which can also account for errors loading objects (but you shouldn’t ever have to recompile the framework to run the sample app).

Is it possible that I need to tune for background noise?

No, this sounds to me like an issue with the upgrade process. I would expect that the old acoustic model is still being used, or something along those lines, since the recognition in your logs is a broken recognition rather than merely a slow one as far as I can see from the logs.

You could confirm this by downloading a new version of the sample app, verify that it runs (if it really doesn’t run after starting fresh, let me know the Xcode version and anything unusual about your setup, but I think it’s going to run) and then make no changes other than changing to your vocabulary, and see if you have the same issue. If you have the same issue, use the contact form to send me the vocabulary so I can take a look at it in the sample app, also letting me know the device and iOS version it is occurring with so I can replicate. Try and see what is different about the two projects and we can troubleshoot further. Turn on OELogging as well so you can see if anything interesting is happening with the audio driver, and please let me know about any relevant architectural details like if there are other objects which use or want to use audio at the same time or near to the same time.