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Halle Winkler

If you can replicate it with isolated changes to the sample app I can take a look at it. There’s no known bug which does this, so without any logging info or device/version info or code to run I don’t have a way of helping out.

As I mentioned in the other thread, Rejecto is not designed to create language models for import without Rejecto running in the app, so that should be fixed in order to remove it as a potential issue, and I would be concerned about the switching branches back and forth thing since 2.0 isn’t just an API change but also changes in assets. That ought to work fine in theory, but it sounds like a source of debugging complexity right now.

I think that if I was seeing weird behavior like this, my steps would be as follows:

1. Use Rejecto as designed or use an OELanguageModelGenerator to create your LM if you aren’t using Rejecto,
2. Attempt to replicate in the sample app using the smallest-possible changes, and
3. If it doesn’t replicate, compare the two apps to see what’s different, and if it replicates, share the minimal code alterations and device and iOS version that causes it to replicate with the sample app with me.