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Halle Winkler

That’s great to hear, thanks for the info about what was causing your issue we’ve been investigating. The error above can indicate different issues, but I can point out in the instructions that very low vadThreshold values can cause overactive engine work which can result in delayed recognition.

To troubleshoot the “BACK” issue we probably want to work from a recording that has been added to pathToTestFile so we can both observe the same fixed input for troubleshooting/replication simplicity. For your own troubleshooting, I would start by checking whether you have the same issue when not using Rejecto at all, since that is going to be the first important variable in recognition.

The way voice activity detection works has significantly changed in this version, so it may be necessary to refine the use of Rejecto (maybe it needs a weight change or a change of phoneme set to get similar results, we’ll see). To level-set, first stop using it and see if you have similar results, using a recording that you will be able to share with me. I’ll be asking you to make the most-minor-possible changes to the sample app that replicates the issue with your audio and to share them with me here since we aren’t working with a secret language model. You can post the audio file somewhere for me to download.