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Halle Winkler


You can test an audio file programmatically by setting the pathToTestFile property of OEPocketsphinxController to your file (there is a commented-out example in the sample app) right before starting recognition. You can read more about creating a file in the required format under OEPocketsphinxController’s header file and/or docs about its pathToTestFile property. The short version is that it needs to be a 16k/16-bit/mono PCM WAV and there are instructions on converting to that format in the property documentation.

I’ll hold on to the file you sent me if that is the one you’d like to test against, but in order to troubleshoot this further, please create a version of the sample app for yourself that replicates the issue for you using your file and the pathToTestFile property, and then show me here what your changes to the sample app are for getting the same results (along with device and iOS version) so we have a reliable and very minimal replication case we can both see and refer to in the course of further discussion. Thanks!