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Halle Winkler

OK, I think this is probably going to be due to the secondsOfSilence being set to a value that is much shorter than an actual pause in speech, combined with vadThreshold being at a setting which is oversensitive for your application – this guarantees that speech is being endlessly recognized and recognition is being endlessly triggered.

So I replaced my language array in the sample app and tried. Recognition is slow there too.. So I asked if it was a matter of the size of the vocabulary..

You didn’t let me know about that, so that is a new piece of information. This is what you said:

Is this a limitation of the version 2.0 to recognize only words

You didn’t mention any of your experiences with the sample app or the idea that it might be due to a particularly large vocabulary, just that you had sentences in a relatively small vocabulary as you described it and wanted to know if sentences specifically were no longer supported.

It is extremely surprising to me that you’re seeing a 3-minute recognition of an utterance from a 20-sentence vocabulary in the sample app without a single other change to the sample app besides the vocabulary.

If this is the case, please send me the vocabulary and a recording of you saying the statement that takes 3 minutes to return in the sample app. Just put them up somewhere for me to download and send me a link via the contact form, thank you.