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Halle Winkler

OK, that’s a new one for me. It is the fallback language generator for English which is crashing (for English, the fallback generator actually uses Flite so that is something going wrong with an instance of OEFliteController). I think that this isn’t a fundamental issue with generating a fallback pronunciation for CALAMARES since CALAMARES can be generated and recognized without any issue using the sample app. Questions:

1. Does it happen if you generate CALAMARES in the first model and don’t generate a second model?
2. Does it happen if you use different naming for the second model rather than removing the first model files?
3. Does it happen if you make OELanguageModelGenerator a property of your view controller and alloc/init it in viewDidLoad (or similar) rather than using it as a method variable?
4. #3 is about whether ARC is maybe releasing OEFliteController before it’s finished – is there anything else about the context you can see which might cause this? So far I’ve never seen that happen, but it would be a bug if it were happening.