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Halle Winkler

You do have to generate new names – the name is used by pocketsphinx in order to make the switch and it can’t be the same as the previously-used name. I would expect this to silently cause issues with your Spanish model but just not cause a crash. I would expect it to work fine if you just use two different names but let me know if that isn’t the case.

Can you clarify this:

1. I can’t test it because I need the whole words again, does not make sense generate a second model without a word, even more, any time I run the app the word with the problem is changing, I meant, is not always CALAMARES, it is a random word every time.

I was asking you to tell me if it happens when you generate one model with the crashing word in it but not two models – there shouldn’t be any problem testing this, although it is already clear from your follow-up information about different words causing the crash that the word is definitely not at issue.

4. I don’t see anything strange causing this. In addition as I told you with Spanish language it does not happen, and I did this before with 1.x version and it was running well in English.

I had many reports of issues switching between identically-named models in English in 1.x.