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Halle Winkler

The log output clarifies what is happening in the session you’re reporting and has lots of information for me about the order of events and what happened in the session that I can use to see if something is wrong. It lets me help you with your question without my having to ask you a long series of questions in order to do a troubleshooting process. What logging is needed for a recognition-related issue is described in the linked post.

But I’m a bit confused at this point – here is what you said at the start:

sometime it respond “you said EIGHT EIGHT EIGHT…”. And it is continuing to response without speaking any word.

and this:

Problem is that it respond “you said EIGHT”, “you said TWO”, etc etc. without speaking a single word.

So that sounds like the reported problem is that the app is somehow continuously recognizing words without any input. You said that there is no speech input and there is continuous repeated recognition performed on nothing. I have never experienced or heard of this problem with OpenEars 2.03 so it is very surprising to hear. That is a symptom that I would have to see the logging output for in order to start any troubleshooting process because it is very unusual.

But in your last post you said this:

The problem is it recognize the other sound and respond from given words. For example if there is any other noise or sound then it respond “you said TWO” etc. yesterday some sparrow at window making some noise and our app say “you said EIGHT”. I meant to say that it recognize correct all my words but it also give result in some other utterances also.

Although it may not seem that way, this is different from the app responding to nothing over and over again. You can see an explanation for this and solutions in the FAQ here:

The FAQ is at

I hope this is helpful.