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Halle Winkler

But, when I just paste the same line back, it goes into the fallback method AGAIN.

Yes, but this is going to be due to a misattribution of some kind. It’s already evident that the words which are present in LanguageModelGeneratorLookupList.txt get looked up by OELanguageModelGenerator successfully as long as they are formatted correctly and are present in your app, since otherwise, 100% of your words would be using the fallback method.

This is what is documented in the blog post:

The right formatting is as follows: the word in all-capital letters, followed by a tab, followed by the transcription of its pronunciation, with nothing more until the end of the line.

This is an advanced application of OpenEars’ capabilities, so it is on you to verify formatting details like making sure that the entry has no space at the beginning, one tab (not a run of spaces) before the phonetic transcription, and a line break immediately after the phonetic transcription, so that it matches all of the other entries. If somehow your copy/paste is converting tabs to runs of spaces, that is important for you to troubleshoot on your end because it is a local setting of some kind.

It is also important for you to take the standard troubleshooting steps for a situation where you aren’t sure whether your file modifications are ending up in your app, such as looking at the contents of your app bundle to verify whether your changes are ending up there.