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Halle Winkler

I think it will work if you change this:

self.pathToFirstDynamicallyGeneratedLanguageModel = [languageModelGenerator pathToSuccessfullyGeneratedGrammarWithRequestedName:@”FirstOpenEarsDynamicLanguageModel”];

to this:

self.pathToFirstDynamicallyGeneratedLanguageModel = [languageModelGenerator pathToSuccessfullyGeneratedLanguageModelWithRequestedName:@”FirstOpenEarsDynamicLanguageModel”];

from the docs:

 If this method is successful it will return nil. If it returns nil, you can use the methods pathToSuccessfullyGeneratedDictionaryWithRequestedName: and pathToSuccessfullyGeneratedLanguageModelWithRequestedName: to get your paths to your newly-generated RuleORama fast grammar and dictionaries for use with OEPocketsphinxController. If it doesn't return nil, it will return an error which you can check for debugging purposes.

Although I think this is probably a bit easy to overlook and I will try to draw more attention to it, since it is confusing that you don’t use pathToSuccessfullyGeneratedGrammarWithRequestedName for a fast grammar.