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Halle Winkler

Certainly, it’s available as a test method. I think you saw the complete example of doing WAV decoding in the sample app, and there is a second WAV test method in the API as well.

Your question if I understand it is about how to make OpenEars work identically to CMU’s python harness for Pocketsphinx on CMU’s test files, which isn’t a fit for doing with OpenEars since it doesn’t use the language models provided by CMU or forward Pocketsphinx’s API and isn’t designed for use with static language models, it isn’t synchronous as Pocketsphinx’s API is, and there is actually an iOS version of Pocketsphinx that can be used identically to the example you asked about. I can’t really answer your question because I don’t support the use of CMU’s large lm.DMP and .dict files with OpenEars even if I supported the use of static language models in general – that model specifically is too large and off-topic to be accurate on a mobile phone.

Do you want to try to talk through how to accomplish your app goals with OpenEars? That might be more straightforward than trying to get it to act like the Pocketsphinx python wrapper with the CMU test files. Let me know!