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Halle Winkler


Why is the input a recording? Getting a word count from any possible user speech as input isn’t at all a trivial topic if you aren’t doing extremely large vocabulary recognition, while getting one from pre-existing recordings with already-known content is very trivial because you know what is on them, but it is hard to understand the role of such a piece of functionality in a mobile app without a little bit more explanation. Is it a recording because you are creating test cases for functionality which is intended to be used with live speech?

Do you know where I can find this: “there is actually an iOS version of Pocketsphinx that can be used identically to the example you asked about”

Yes, from my original response:

check out the CMU Github repo in order to check out and work with the Pocketsphinx API in an iOS app.

The CMU Sphinx project has a Github repo where it’s a good idea to take any current version of any of their platform implementations from.