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Hi Halle,

I have a related question so thought I would add it here – please let me know if I should move it to a new thread. Just looking into using OpenEars (coming from a nightmarish experience with Nuance…very impressed with OpenEars so far! :-) )

I also want to perform recognition for speech from a WAV file, but for a known vocabulary. I want to record speech from a mic input, retain the stored audio as a WAV and to perform recognition too (not strictly in real-time, but a few seconds later).

From glancing at the docs, there is a function called [runRecognitionOnWavFileAtPath:] that I assume I can use for this purpose.

My question: I have read about certain audio APIs not playing nicely with OpenEars re audio playback, e.g. in Unity:

But if it’s possible to run recognition from a WAV, why not just record a WAV using your preferred API (Unity, AVAudioRecorder etc) and then let [runRecognitionOnWavFileAtPath:] handle the recognition? (One reason may be for cases where instant or streaming recognition is required). Would this enable smooth integration with any audio API (and would have solved the Unity issues in the thread above) ?