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Thanks Halle,

Thats okay, I by no means expect you to debug my code. I was just hoping you might have some idea of what OpenEars is doing behind the scene that could affect TAAE. I’d dig deeper myself but I can’t see the source of OpenEars to figure out what may be happening.

I examined the verbose logs of OE, but could not determine much since OE isn’t running/logging when TAAE crashes.

I narrowed the problem down to the calls to AEFloatConverterToFloat(...) (source). This function takes an AEFloatConverter, AudioBufferList, float output buffers, and a number of frames. The malloc error tends to occur only after OE has been started and stopped prior to starting TAAE so my thinking is that OE is changing the size or number of objects in the AudioBufferList, or the number of frames, and TAAE isn’t expecting or ready for the change but I’ve been unable to observe that. Doubling the size of the buffers seems to prevent the error even after starting/stopping OE.