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Just a follow up to this, as I had similar issues that I managed to work around and thought the solution might be helpful to others.

My app uses Open Ears for speech recognition and I also have a requirement to play very short, low-latency sounds for alerts, button click noises etc.

If I use my own instance of AVAudioPlayer to play these sounds, the latency is still unacceptably high (~ 500ms), even using the [myAVAudioPlayer prepareToPlay] method described by Halle above.

My solution was to use the [AudioServicesPlaySystemSound ] API to play these short sounds. It works with very low latency. That method is described here:

If Open Ears has started listening however, the sound produced by [AudioServicesPlaySystemSound ] will not be audible. After reading around the forums, I set [OEPocketsphinxController sharedInstance].audioMode to @”VoiceChat”, which makes the sound audible, although at a lower volume. Not quite sure why that is, maybe related to ? Halle?

Anyway if you need very low-latency playback of short sounds in a project using OpenEars, this is what currently works for me. Hope it helps someone!