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Here is the contents in 2 files:


Darpa Trigram LMr/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/2E00812C-8A05-4A6B-BFDC-475501A642DB/Library/Caches/lession_vocal_D_3.DMPˇˇˇˇBEGIN FILE FORMAT DESCRIPTION?Header string length (int32) and string (including trailing 0)OOriginal LM filename string-length (int32) and filename (including trailing 0)0(int32) version number (present iff value <= 0)G(int32) original LM file modification timestamp (iff version# present)O(int32) string-length and string (including trailing 0) (iff version# present)H... previous entry continued any number of times (iff version# present)C(int32) 0 (terminating sequence of strings) (iff version# present)S(int32) log_bg_seg_sz (present iff different from default value of LOG2_BG_SEG_SZ)"(int32) lm_t.ucount (must be > 0)(int32) lm_t.bcount(int32) lm_t.tcount,lm_t.ucount+1 unigrams (including sentinel)ulm_t.bcount+1 bigrams (including sentinel 64 bits (bg_t) each if version=-1/-2, 128 bits (bg32_t) each if version=-3}lm_t.tcount trigrams (present iff lm_t.tcount > 0 32 bits (tg_t) each if version=-1/-2, 64 bits (tg32_t) each if version=-3)(int32) lm_t.n_prob2(int32) lm_t.prob2[]4(int32) lm_t.n_bo_wt2 (present iff lm_t.tcount > 0)4(int32) lm_t.bo_wt2[] (present iff lm_t.tcount > 0)3(int32) lm_t.n_prob3 (present iff lm_t.tcount > 0)3(int32) lm_t.prob3[] (present iff lm_t.tcount > 0)B(int32) (lm_t.bcount+1)/BG_SEG_SZ+1 (present iff lm_t.tcount > 0)7(int32) lm_t.tseg_base[] (present iff lm_t.tcount > 0)D(int32) Sum(all word string-lengths, including trailing 0 for each)1All word strings (including trailing 0 for each)END FILE FORMAT DESCRIPTION!!!ˇˇˇˇ„e≈¬ˇˇˇˇ„e≈¬|ˇ«¬ˇˇˇˇÚöæˇˇˇˇ˝@.«˝@.«Ø%∂«ÚöæØ%∂«ÚöæØ%∂«Úöæ</s><s>D