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Hi Halle,

I’m not sure if this would affect anything, but I needed functionality such that the user could end speech recognition at will, instead of the normal OpenEars functionality where it will detect when the user has finished speaking. To do this, I used an instance of AVAudioRecorder to record the file and save it to a local directory. When initializing the instance of AVAudioRecorder, I used the following settings:

NSMutableDictionary *settings = [NSMutableDictionary dictionary];
[settings setValue: [NSNumber numberWithInt:kAudioFormatLinearPCM] forKey:AVFormatIDKey];
[settings setValue: [NSNumber numberWithFloat:16000.0] forKey:AVSampleRateKey];
[settings setValue: [NSNumber numberWithInt:1] forKey:AVNumberOfChannelsKey];
[settings setValue: [NSNumber numberWithInt:16] forKey:AVLinearPCMBitDepthKey];
[settings setValue: [NSNumber numberWithInt: AVAudioQualityMax] forKey:AVEncoderAudioQualityKey];
self.recorder = [[AVAudioRecorder alloc]initWithURL:[NSURL fileURLWithPath:filePath] settings:settings error:&error];

After recording, I would use setPathToTestFile to test the file I’d just recorded, and then call startListening with the Spanish acoustic model. The majority of the time, no words were recognized, but sometimes very short words would be recognized. Could you tell me if the settings I used are correct to work with setPathToTestFile or if there are any other red flags? I looked through the verbosePocketSphix/OELogging logs and there weren’t any errors or warnings with both English and Spanish recognition, even though the recognition in English worked perfectly but Spanish was less accurate. Would there be any ways, other than recording the file and then testing it, to achieve the desired functionality? Thanks so much for your help Halle.