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Halle Winkler


Thanks, but it’s only necessary to give me a minimal use case when there is a potential bug that I can’t replicate, so that isn’t necessary in this case. I usually ask for it in response to something that I’m not seeing in my own testbed but it doesn’t need to be done in order to open a question here (I do ask for logging to automatically be shared in the question when there is something buggy happening, although this isn’t really such a case).

Speech recognition from a distance with a high level of persistent background noise is very difficult to perform accurately so that isn’t an unknown issue or something that can be considered a bug.

There has been a fair amount of discussion in these forums about noise so the most productive step will probably be to do some searching here. You can also look into trying the VoiceChat audio mode (please read up here and in the documentation about its shortcomings), using smaller models for more accuracy, and checking to make sure that it isn’t Rejecto rejecting intended speech rather than the vadThreshold. removeNoise and removeSilence don’t relate to this issue so it isn’t necessary or advisable to make any changes to them.

One approach is to start by reducing vadThreshold until all speech and noise is getting processed, and then adding in Rejecto with whatever weight successfully suppresses the noise and incidental speech.

In general, you’re encountering a practical limit of speech recognition so in this case you may wish to encourage your users to use a headset or similar so that there isn’t a combination of distant speech (speech into the phone mic but not from a phone conversion distance) and high environmental noise.