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Hello, im try to reply but the system show a error “Your reply cannot be created at this time”.
I attach the txt with all logs and original reply in dropbox.

Sorry, my English is very bad and maybe we are not well understood.

The main problem is that if we have a word to search and tell others words, openears recognizes words unsaid. Say “CABEZA” and recognized “HOLA” for example.

The last wav file that you spent was recorded using SaveThatWave plugin executing startSessionDebugRecord with the app running and talking on the device.
(this wav is generated with SaveThatWave on device)

I’m sorry because I forgot to attach the log in the previous message. I imagine it will be necessary.
Now i attach the logs when the session was recorded wav, and when I tried to play as Testfile.

Also if need, i can attach the ultra simple project with the test. Ready to run.